Our goal is to advance academic and comprehensive research in topics on medicine and various approaches to human health that respect and adapt to the ways of nature, based on the idea of self-healing disposition innate to human beings.


Collaborative Work and Joint Research

June 21, 2017 / research activities

MOA Health Science Foundation works with many external institutions and groups, some of which engage in joint research based on collaboration agreements.

One of the early joint research was conducted in 1993 with the Portuguese Institute of Rheumatology, investigating the effectiveness of the Okada Health and Wellness Program. More recently, in 2008, we pursued a joint research project with the Research Institute of Health Sciences of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the effectiveness of Okada Health and Wellness Program, with successful outcomes.

In 2010, MOA Health Science Foundation and Damnoen Saduak Hospital, which is Thailand's leading hospital operating under the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, signed an agreement to jointly pursue research in the field of alternative and complementary therapies, including the Okada Health and Wellness Program. Other collaborators in this project included MOA International and MOA Thailand.

In Japan, the Foundation works with affiliate medical associations (Zuisenkai, Gyokusenkai, Aiwakai, and Korinkai), MOA International, and the Institute for Agriculture, Medicine, and the Environment, as well as other medical and academic research institutes throughout the country to drive studies on methods and practices of healthcare that activates the naturally-occurring healing mechanism, including the MOA Health and Wellness Program.

Introduction of Our Foundation

Purpose and Missions



MOA Health Science Foundation promotes approaches to human health that respect and adapt to the ways of Nature, based on the idea of self-healing disposition innate to human beings. Aiming to better understand healthcare practices that encourage and enhance the human potential, we pursue interdisciplinary research activities, and disseminate the results as our contribution to efforts to promote better health in society.
 Our perspectives encompass physical, psychological and spiritual health of human beings as well as the environment, all of which are indispensable aspects of attaining, maintaining and enhancing people's wellbeing. Collaboration with governments and relevant sectors, institutions and groups is also an important part of our initiatives. Our aim is to develop a new foundation of healthcare where human health issues can be truly and effectively addressed and resolved. The foundation strives to bring about good health and happiness in individuals and families, which we believe is the fundamental prerequisite to a truly sound and prosperous society.



MOA Health Science Foundation undertakes various projects both in Japan and abroad, in pursuit of its objectives. Our projects include the following:

    (1) Research activities including comprehensive investigation in the fields of medicine, health-promotional programs, and other relevant fields; reports of research results at academic conferences; and agreement-based joint research with external institutions

    (2) Commissioning research projects and providing research grants

    (3) Publication of periodical research reports, case studies and other literature

    (4) Organizing domestic and international forums, conferences, and symposia as well as health-promotion events to promote medical approaches and healthcare programs which respect and adapt to the ways of nature, and for the purpose of international exchange

    (5) Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives



1991                       MOA Health Science Foundation was inaugurated in June with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan

1995                       Seijo Laboratory opened in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in June

                               Merger with the MOA Kyushu Life Science Institute in September, renamed Life Science Institute (Fukuoka Lab)

1998                       Life Science Institute (Atami Lab) opened in April

1999                       Ohito Laboratory opened in September

2001                       Seijo Laboratory was closed in June, and its functions were transferred to the Atami Lab

2002                       The Life Science Institute reorganized its Fukuoka and Atami Labs in June, with the main office established in Atami city

2003                       Ohito Laboratory closed in April

2004                       The food research section was transferred to the Institute for Agro Microbiology (present Institute for Agriculture, Medicine, and the Environment) in March

2005                       MOA Health Science Foundation moved its head office to Atami city in September

2006                       Tokyo Office and Ohito Lab opened in May

Privacy Policy

June 7, 2017 / privacypolicy

The foundation recognizes the importance of protecting personal information of supporting members of the foundation against abuse or misuse, and handles such information pursuant to this privacy policy.

1. Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information

The foundation shall collect personal data of the supporting members to provide the supporting members with services the foundation offers, and use the collected information for this purpose. The collected information shall not be disclosed to third parties unless properly justified. The exception of this clause applies to the joint users specified in clause 4, related organizations specified in clause 5, and the agencies entrusted parts of the foundation' s operations, specified in clause 6.

Furthermore, the foundation shall collect study participants' personal information to conduct scientific researches, and use the collected information for this purpose. The collected information from study participants shall not be disclosed unless properly justified. Exception applies to the entrusted parts of the foundation's operations, specified in clause 6.

2. Management of Personal Information

The foundation shall maintain the personal data of the supporting members and participants of our scientific study, with an appropriate security measures in place, to prevent loss, damage, falsification, or leak of such information and unauthorized access to it.

3. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations to Personal Data

The foundation shall comply with laws and regulations relative to the protection of private information, including Personal Data Protection Law when handling the personal data of our supporting members, and participants from any of our scientific study.

4. Joint Use of Personal Information

The foundation shall share the collected personal information of the supporting members with designated joint users in such a way as follows:

(1)  Information that will be utilized jointly

Nameaddresstelephone number, and other information will be jointly used as described in next section (3)

(2) Joint users include

MOA Nature Farming and Culture Foundation

 MOA International

(3) the items of personal data of the supporting members are shared with the purpose of facilitating events, seminars, and a range of services provided by the joint users, that promote a healthier, happier, and a more abundant life for individuals and families;

(4) the foundation is responsible for the management and maintenance of the personal data of the members.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The foundation may disclose the personal information of the members to MOA International Support Center by means of electronic-data delivery when it is judged necessary to do so for the purpose of joint use stated above. The individual members may request against the disclosure of such information to the third parties, in which case the provision will be withdrawn immediately. The request may be made to the contact provided below in clause 9.

6. Entrustment of Personal Information

The foundation may outsource handling of the personal data in providing the members with the services. When the handling is outsourced, an appropriate measure will be taken against leakage of information, such as by agreeing legally-binding contracts to secure proper handling of the data, and ensuring the correct implementation of such contracts or other measures.

7. Disclosure, Correction and Withdrawal of Personal Data

The members may request reference, correction, or withdrawal of their own personal data. The foundation shall respect such requests and make its best effort to meet the request within reason.

 8. Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Data Protection          The foundation shall appoint a director in charge of protecting the personal data. The director is responsible for educating the staff members of the foundation involved in handling the personal data with appropriate knowledge and skills, ensuring proper handling to be in practice, and reviewing the foundation' s privacy policy if necessary.

9. Contact Information

Inquires concerning issues and statements included in this privacy policy can be made by e-mails addressed to mhs-privacy@mhs.or.jp.

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