Our goal is to advance academic and comprehensive research in topics on medicine and various approaches to human health that respect and adapt to the ways of nature, based on the idea of self-healing disposition innate to human beings.


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Collaborative Work and Joint Research

June 21, 2017 / research activities

MOA Health Science Foundation works with many external institutions and groups, some of which engage in joint research based on collaboration agreements.

One of the early joint research was conducted in 1993 with the Portuguese Institute of Rheumatology, investigating the effectiveness of the Okada Health and Wellness Program. More recently, in 2008, we pursued a joint research project with the Research Institute of Health Sciences of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the effectiveness of Okada Health and Wellness Program, with successful outcomes.

In 2010, MOA Health Science Foundation and Damnoen Saduak Hospital, which is Thailand's leading hospital operating under the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, signed an agreement to jointly pursue research in the field of alternative and complementary therapies, including the Okada Health and Wellness Program. Other collaborators in this project included MOA International and MOA Thailand.

In Japan, the Foundation works with affiliate medical associations (Zuisenkai, Gyokusenkai, Aiwakai, and Korinkai), MOA International, and the Institute for Agriculture, Medicine, and the Environment, as well as other medical and academic research institutes throughout the country to drive studies on methods and practices of healthcare that activates the naturally-occurring healing mechanism, including the MOA Health and Wellness Program.